Dance Orlando Club

Are you bored with your weekend entertainment roster? Do you need new fun stuff to do? Want to go dancing on Friday nights? Want to go dancing on Saturday nights? Want to go dancing on Sunday afternoons?

If you answered “YES” to question 4:

The Weekender Dance Package

Time Frame – Every weekend

  • Your Pro-Party Partner(your teacher) would be pleased to accompany you every weekend to any of our local Ballroom Dance parties. There are places to Ballroom Dance every single weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Check out our parties calendar.
  • Do the Free group lessons that are offered before the parties. You will start to meet a lot of other like-minded people who are ready to have a great time on a Friday or Saturday night.
  • Start learning the four most popular social dances and get good at the basics. Once your working knowledge feels comfortable in those four dances, start learning some of the other dances too. This way you can be out on the dance floor all night long.

The Weekender Dance Package is perfect for someone who works way too much to even think about dancing during the week. There is an amazing community of about 300 local dancers that attend all these weekend dancing festivals and all of them are friendly and fun. Come on out and see what could be in store for you!

Just imagine how terrific it would feel to go out dancing every weekend. Our PROFESSIONAL PARTY PARTNERS are available to take you out dancing all week long! Just check out our dancing calendar and see all the dance party possibilities. Schedule your lesson now because becoming a good dancer is life changing.

Typically, THE HOBBYIST DANCER loves dance and its expression along with the way dancing makes them feel: HAPPY! They have perfected there general dancing skills and are ready for more challenging and exciting moves. These are the dancers who may enjoy performing or competing.