Dance Orlando Club

Would you consider yourself a shy person?
Does being shy stop you from really letting go and having fun?
Do you wish to be less shy, or maybe a bit more relaxed in certain settings?

If you answered “YES”, then you may be interested in our:
No More Mr. Shy Guy Package

Time frame – 90 days

  • Most ballroom dance teachers are funny, sweet and very nurturing. These characteristics help any student to feel safe right away in the company of their instructor. Shy students will latch right on to their teachers tender qualities and will trust those teachers to lead them into a whole new world of people and places, a world filled with amazing new and fun experiences. Take at least 2 private lessons a week, three if you can.
  • Trust your Pro Party Partner (your teacher) to take you out dancing at least once a weekend, every weekend, for three months.
  • Once you get confident enough with your dancing your teacher will begin introducing you to other dancers who would enjoy dancing with you.

The “No More Mr. Shy Guy” package is a life changing experience for the person who has been “held at bay” most of their life by feelings of shyness. With your teachers help you can really upgrade the fun factor in your life. Crystal Ballroom teachers are funny and really entertaining; they make learning fun and easy.

Just imagine how terrific it would feel to go out dancing every weekend. Our PROFESSIONAL PARTY PARTNERS are available to take you out dancing all week long! Just check out our dancing calendar and see all the dance party possibilities. Schedule your lesson now because becoming a good dancer is life changing.

Typically, THE HOBBYIST DANCER loves dance and its expression along with the way dancing makes them feel: HAPPY! They have perfected there general dancing skills and are ready for more challenging and exciting moves. These are the dancers who may enjoy performing or competing.