Dance Orlando Club

Ballroom-DancingProfessional dancing is very intriguing and enjoyable for all ages. Perhaps you and your loved one have an upcoming event to attend to and want to brush up your skills for the dance floor. Whatever the occasion is The Dance Orlando Club has packages available to meet your needs and turn you into the dancer that you envision yourself to be. Our instructors can assist you to create either a custom choreography for a special event you are attending or for the enjoyment of it. Our custom packages are named “Dirty Dancing” Diaper Crusher Package. While amusing it may sound this special package helps stay at home moms and dads keep themselves on the “take care of” roster. It is so easy to let years go by with little focus on themselves. My mother has always said “all work and no play make Jane a dull girl”, and let’s faces it, raising children is hard work. So allow the “Dirty Dancing” Diaper Crusher Package be the one to keep you balanced and in focus.

Our next package is the Wonderful Wednesday Dancer Package, which is designed for the busy person in mind. Not everyone has several nights a week free to go out dancing and socialize.  Combining your lesson with a party on the same night is a great way to learn and have fun for people who have a “time budget”, not a lot to spare. The time frame for this package can vary between once and twice a week. So give yourself a break get out there and mingle with others by this package.

Our next package the Crash Course Intro Package is designed for those who want to continue to learn the art of dancing. This teaching method embraces the timeless wisdom: “If you don’t use it you lose it”.  This package is great for beginners because it exposes them immediately to all the amazing people that are at the weekend dancing extravaganzas! See the scene so you can decide if you want to be on the scene. These packages are our main crowd pleasers but we are committed creating packages that are convenient to all types of students. Dance Orlando Club continues to be the entire rave in the social dance scene. For more information inquire via phone with the Head of our dance department Trish at (407) 681-2710 or via our website at

Just imagine how terrific it would feel to go out dancing every weekend. Our PROFESSIONAL PARTY PARTNERS are available to take you out dancing all week long! Just check out our dancing calendar and see all the dance party possibilities. Schedule your lesson now because becoming a good dancer is life changing.

Typically, THE HOBBYIST DANCER loves dance and its expression along with the way dancing makes them feel: HAPPY! They have perfected there general dancing skills and are ready for more challenging and exciting moves. These are the dancers who may enjoy performing or competing.