Dance Orlando Club

Are you struggling with your weight?
Do you cringe at the thought of the gym?
Do you wish you could lose weight without trying?

If you answered “YES”, then you may be interested in our:
Do Dance Daily Package

Time Frame – 1 month

  • Go out dancing with a Pro –Party Partner( your teacher) every Wednesday ,Friday, Saturday and Sunday for 1 month. Each dance is no less than two hours long and your gonna have a great time laughing with your teacher.
  • Take a dance lesson on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Staying busy keeps you off the couch and out of your fridge.

The “Do Dance Daily” package could finally be the right answer to the timeless struggle of staying in shape. Even if you do half of the recommended activity in the “Do Dance Daily” package you will still see results. Additionally, in only 1 month you would become an awesome dancer. It is common to see significant weight loss in beginner students who made a decision to use dance as a tool to lose weight. Eat right, dance at night, win the fight, Become a dancer!

Just imagine how terrific it would feel to go out dancing every weekend. Our PROFESSIONAL PARTY PARTNERS are available to take you out dancing all week long! Just check out our dancing calendar and see all the dance party possibilities. Schedule your lesson now because becoming a good dancer is life changing.

Typically, THE HOBBYIST DANCER loves dance and its expression along with the way dancing makes them feel: HAPPY! They have perfected there general dancing skills and are ready for more challenging and exciting moves. These are the dancers who may enjoy performing or competing.